Here's a write-up about a truffle trip I had some weeks ago (Hollandia Truffles). Normally with Hollandia truffles, I chew them dry, at half a pack ( 7.5 grams ), and in about 40 minutes, I start to get the usual awareness expansion, brightening of colours, and some visual movements. I usually enjoy the closed eye visuals and emotions generated, and after about 2 hours, chew the last 7.5 grams of a pack for a continuation. I have had many a wonderful trip this way.

One evening, I decided I wanted to have a deeper trip, and so I sat on my bed, and chewed my way through a 15 gram pack in one go. Something I did different, was I washed each chewing down with a swig of water, normally I don't do this, I just chew and swallow dry. Anyway, I lied back on the bed, and started to get myself into a good state of mind, ready for the usual effects to start. Surprisingly, after about 10 minutes, I started to feel effects, and it was good. But about 5 minutes later, a huge ominous wash of deep trip feeling came, and it felt dark and scary, It immediately pushed out all the good feelings and washed over me with a feeling of scary dark ominous evil. Buy hollandia truffles I knew I was in trouble, I knew straight away that I was going to plunge deep into this trip, and that I may lose my mind on it, so I stripped off quickly all my clothes, turned the light on in my bathroom, and hopped into the shower cubicle with the water on. I knew that the light, and the water splashing on me would help keep me attached to reality, it was my only chance to get through this.

Within a few minutes, I was struggling to stay attached to reality, my mind was being diverted, torn into all kinds of ominous thoughts of the devil, and demons coming up from what looked like swamps, and the number 6, and '666' was being bombarded at me all the time.

Not sure how long, but I know that what felt like minutes later, the devil was challenging me that it would possess me, that I had opened the portal from hell to me, and that he and his demons could come through to take over my mind, I was fighting all kinds of demons, but at the same time, I would briefly come back to reality, realize I was on the floor of the shower cubicle, and realize in my head that it was just a matter of time, and that I would get out of the trip.

It took over me, I shouted to my partner who was in bed, to come to the bathroom, she saw me on the floor of the shower, and I shouted to her to make me a cup of tea, with 6 sugars in it, and not to argue, but just do it without question. As she went, I carried on fighting the demons, and the 6's and the devil, all telling me that I was now mad and that's how I was going to stay forever, and everything I knew about reality, life, being a human being on Earth was all bullshit, in reality I was just always someone who was mad, who had just dreamed of the life I had on Earth, really I belonged in Hell. My partner came into the bathroom with the tea, I was sat on the floor of the shower, water splashing on me, her voice made me snap back to reality just for a few seconds, and I grabbed the tea off her and told her to leave, I was fighting the devil in my head. She did leave the bathroom thank goodness. ( guess she knew I was tripping hard ).

I kept the cup of tea by the side of me, the shower water was splashing in it, and I tried to focus on it to keep me grounded, but it was hard, I couldn't keep control of my mind for more than a brief few seconds. I saw and heard the devil, it told me that it was challenging me to possess me, if I drunk the cup of tea, I would accept the challenge, if not I would be damned and attacked by all his demons. The tea, had 6 sugars in it, the 6 was HIS number, his challenge, but the 6 SUGARS would help to be an anti-dote to the Hollandia truffles, which would close the portal and so help me fight him, I believed it was a fair challenge, and gulped down the tea. Visit Avalon Magic Plants

All I can remember after that, was hours of madness, insanity, I was wandering around the bathroom, on my hands and knees, fighting off the devil, I had really deep ominous thoughts of being detached from this world, and being mad, insane in hell, and having no hope ever to return. I couldn't even accept that the life I had was real, it was all just fake, just some illusion that never really existed, and I believed it and felt like even the universe never even existed, just this made hell I seemed to be existing in.

One crazy thing I couldn't understand, was if I looked at my naked body, all over it were blue LED lights, evenly spaced, almost as if there were points of blue energy brightly lit all over me. They did not move, they were fixed, evenly geometrically spaced everywhere on me, if I moved my arms, the points moved with the arms, it was amazing, I was lit up like a Christmas tree with blue LED's !!!

I climbed into the shower and stood up, with my arms outstretched, I was lit up all over with the blue lights, and the shower water looked like shards of crystal falling on me, not water, incredible to see and remember it so well.

The madness lasted several hours, I truly was insane, I had never gone so deep into a trip to have this sort of mind ripping detachment from reality in the past, yet on brief occasions, I could gather myself just for a few seconds to realize that I was tripping and I just needed time for it to pass, but once the trip regained control of me, time stopped again and it appeared I was in there eternal.

At the end of several hours, I think at least 4, I finally started regaining more of my own mind, than that which the trip was giving me, and I was ready to step out of the shower ( yes, the shower had been on for 4 hours, and I spent at least 3 hours with it splashing on me as I sat on the floor ). I was getting intense visual distortions, everything was breathing, swaying, bending, but at least now it was more visual than psychological and emotional. I managed to step out of the shower cubicle, actually feeling very worried that I had actually been possessed by the devil, this was my biggest fear at the time. But Also, I felt that I had beaten the devil, that I had won the battle because I was back at the life I knew (even though I believe its a matrix ), I still was glad to be back.

I got into my bed, and looked at the window in the bedroom which was quite lit with the streetlights from outside, intense visuals were making the window and ornaments sway, warp, breathe in size, larger and smaller, but I was feeling a lot more comfortable. I fired up my Ipad, and logged into my facebook, and recorded as best as I can on a message all the things I was remembering through the night, the fights with the devil, the blue lights, the insanity, the tea, so much had gone on, I could never write it all down. At 6.06 am in the morning ( I had taken the Hollandia truffles at 11pm the night before ) I logged off my Ipad and managed to go to sleep... YES MORE 6's ! What A Trip!