Received 15 g hollandia truffles yesterday, about 20 min after eating entire contents I started to feel lighter than air. A warm euphoric aura began to envelope my body and I began to see streaks of color dance through the atmosphere. Was listening to music and closed my eyes, I felt like my soul had left my body and I became some sort of antenna for random souls As they wandered freely around my psyche. When my eyes were open, everything seemed to pulsate, breathing almost. Rainbows danced before my eyes and colors appeared to ricochet From wall to wall. I realized I was a visitor in a place that is always here but few are in touch withBuy hollandia truffles

This was a plane of existence where spirits, wandering souls and specters roam. I could liken it to what some would call the Elysian fields of greek mythology. I was in a wonderful, breezy world where all was quiet, peaceful, I felt safe.

One of the greatest feelings of euphoric relaxation I can describe. Looking forward to my next trip to those beautiful fields, walking through the gentle breeze, running my fingertips through blades of tall, soft grass.