I ordered the Hollandia Truffles for me and my boyfriend. Since it was sunny we went to Hyde Park in London and ate them. I ate the whole 15g on their own all so quickly and it tasted fine, I actually enjoyed eating them! I was expecting a really bad taste since i have been told by so many people how bad truffles taste. Before this i had not eaten for about 5 hours so i pretty much had an empty stomach.Buy Hollandia truffles My boyfriend had his with a few crisps but before this he had an empty stomach too. About an hour passed and i did not really feel much but my boyfriend kept going on about how clear and detailed everything looked and kept saying 'woahhhh'. I didn't really understand what he was on about. Later on , we decided to go for a walk around the park, we went under this tree where the branches hung low so it was quite dark.

This is where it kicked in for me. The barks of the tree looked 3D and so i walked closer and my eyes were literally microscopes, i have not seen in such detail ever in my life! it was the most amazing thing. I could see the tiniest design in all the nature around me. I sat on the floor and it felt so soft, bare in mind i was sitting on stones and mud and sticks. I started stroking the ground and it felt fluffy. It may sound strange but i felt at one with nature, like i was a hippy or something! At one point i hugged a tree. I am normally scared of bees and insects but they started flying around me and sitting on me and i was no longer afraid of the bugs, it felt as if they were my friends and they were hugging me, it was quite funny how i was made to feel this way. I picked up the leaves off the ground and i could see in such extreme detail, i was so fascinated by my awesome vision that i ended up staring at sticks for ages and all sorts.

I was constantly in awe of the world, the suns rays were insane and i just remember saying 'WOAH THIS IS AWESOME' about a thousand times. We carried on our walk and me and my boyfriend went into deep conversation about the world and i realized so many things about what is important in life and i am not religious but in our conversations we came up with theories about god and the world that we never even thought of before and i felt so knowledged as if i had answered all my unanswered questions about life. Visit Avalon Magic Plants

It may sound crazy but it was like i could feel vibes from nature and people and as if i could feel their emotions. I remember at one point i felt really heavy when i was thinking about the tree as if it was sad and at one point i could feel that my boyfriend was very angry with a thought and it was true just from this strong vibe i got off him, i can not explain it. At one point my boyfriend put a flame against a tree and my finger suddenly really hurt as if i burnt it, i was so confused at what was going on, it is quite funny thinking about it now. He said that he could see my face morphing and he started laughing. We both experienced similar things but also different things and that is the beauty of the trips.

What i loved was how I felt disconnected from reality in the best way, i was so happy the whole trip. We reached another field and we decided to lay in these long grass blades, it felt like a bed and we laid there and looked up at the sky, all the clouds were morphing into different shapes and it was as if a sheet of flashing images was lining the sky.

I closed my eyes and it was like a party, there were so many flashing colours and shapes constantly changing and it was so bright. We ended up laughing so much. It was as if the ground and trees were breathing and the longer i stared at the ground, the more i could see, the ground looked like waves of water moving just like waves of the sea. It had been about 5 hours and we decided to head back, we kept getting distracted on our walk back to the train station by beams of light, so we would end up stopping and staring at it in awe, it was the first time i could look at the sun without it hurting my eyes and it was like a beautiful laser show. About an hour later, we had sobered up, it was a trip i will never be able to describe to anyone no matter what i say! it is something i will definitely be doing again and that everybody should experience more than once.

Thanks to the Avalon forum for the help I received when selecting these magic truffles I will for sure be back for more! Happy trips people.

From Gina