Psilocybe Hollandia Magic Truffles Trip

Having always taken psilocybin mushrooms with friends, my intuition told me it was time to have this experience on my own. I ordered the Hollandia Truffles at sponsor at the Avalon forum, having never tried this particular magic truffle. I was pleased to find the package arrived in good time, about a week. This was great seeing as I would be able to take them for the full moon.

It begun at midnight, I made tea with the small pieces of truffles. While I waited for the water to absorb all the magic, I pre-rolled a few joints for the journey, knowing that soon I may not be capable of this simple task ;) I started by eating what was left of the 15 grams, and washed it down with my magic tea. Normally I struggle with magic truffles distinctive taste. Much to my surprise, these had a mild taste, and were actually enjoyable to eat.
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One of my main passions is music, so I decided a nice way to enter the trip was to play some of my sounds. I got my instruments out, a mixer, and midi controller, hooked them up to the computer, and started playing. As soon as I had begun, things started to get strange. I was slowly being brought into the trip, in a smooth and calm manner. Soon I realized that I had absolutely no idea of what I was doing. The computer screen had become three dimensional; things were jumping out of the screen, as if i could reach into it (i tried but it didn't work). I started slowing down the tempo to make things move slowly, and used strange effects to make things bounce around the room, and my guitar was speaking with peculiar sounds. I had become one with the music, and had entered a world of sound, where you could explore every aspect of the sounds and take it in infinitely limitless directions. Everything in the room was now moving and breathing, and I could alter this movement of energy with the sounds I created. If you can imagine music as a physical manifestation that you can see, touch, feel, and smell, that was the experience.

Eventually there was too much going on and I needed to calm my mind from the intense world I had entered. I lit some incense, grabbed some crystals and rocks that I use for light working, and lay down with some meditation music. The mellow sound frequencies were transmitting pure love, and I could feel the immense bliss of these vibrations rush through every particle in my body. I closed my eyes, and my soul was completely free from all human barriers and blockages. I could see the whole universe within myself. I saw that at our core we are one whole being of colourful energy, expressing itself through all possibilities of infinity. There are no barriers separating the paradoxical mirrors in life, but space allowing all life to thrive and express love for the one source. It is the one universal mind of consciousness that creates infinite other manifestations of its self; Making a world for us to perceive and experience different perspectives, showing us that there are no no true limitations. We can overcome all barriers, do anything, be anything, and feel everything. We are spiritual souls of infinite consciousness having a human experience. The creator of all that ever has and ever will be; anything we desire will be created by being, trusting, and believing in the divine spiritual self.
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As I was doing this inner exploration, I realized that I had been so busy exploring space & time that I forgot to listen to the voice! The mysterious inner voice, that can speaks to us during these experiences. Immediately I heard it. It was explain to me all my habits and ways of being that make me feel certain vibrations and why. I took out some markers and started to record all these great insights. Instead of writing in words, I drew my intentions. The result was a mess J, but the lines and colours remind me of what I was feeling and understanding through this. (Attached picture of this)

One of the most useful lessons, was to stay in the now. When we begin to focus our mind on wanting something in our life, it is easy to allow that to take us out of the now; by wishing we already had it. This creates emotions of low frequency that make us dissatisfied with what we have, and where we are now. Exploration of the now is a powerful tool that always gives us what we desire, when we are ready.

As my trip continued I walked outside to find the full moon partially hiding behind clouds. Occasionally it would come out, and light up the nature all around me. I could feel the powerful energy that was being transmitted by the light of the full moon, rushing through my crown chakra, and down through my body into the Earth. The high peak of my trip had passed and I was fully grounded, but left with a feeling of bliss, having just traveled through all of space & time, yet no words can truly describe any of this.

I lit up a joint and transmitted the vibrations of the Om ॐ a few times, sending out love to all existence. Then I empowered myself with my version of prayer; I AM.

I AM One, inconsistently consistent, multi-dimensional, infinitely limitless, spiritual soul of love energy consciousness, expressing pure love through all possibilities.


Jah Rastafari!

Without a doubt these are my favourite truffles I have ever tried. Thank you Avalon Forum and mother Earth for sharing the beauty! J I Love You All

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