I want to share my Hollandia Truffles Trip with you

Mary-Jane, 28 and Ernie 26.
Myself and my partner enjoyed a very chilled and relaxed experience with Avalon's Hollandia truffles and Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds. We ate 7.5g of the magic truffles each and 5 seeds. We probably did this over the period of about 20 minutes. I should we were also smoking cannabis (about a joint every half hour) HOWEVER as we do this on a daily basis anyway, we do not feel it affected our experience one way or the other. We have tried truffles before so had something to judge by.
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We went to a huge woodland area which coincidentally is home to the “hippies” around our hometown. Anyone from Cork (west specifically), Ireland, will know where I’m talking about! This is the main reason we were modest with our consumption – we felt that being away from our home, away from civilization really by the time you are wandering in an endless wood, put us at more risk of an unpleasant experience or perhaps event. We were seeking an afternoon (it was from about 1pm until 7pm) of fun and relaxation. My partner was very curious about the visuals and I was, I suppose, seeking the connection to nature.
Approximately 45-60 minutes after BEGINNING to consume (we spent the first 20 minutes of this consuming) we both began to feel the wonderful effects.
I’ve divided the remainder of this report into 2 parts as both myself and my partner feel it’s a very unique and individual experience.

As I said, after approx. 45 minutes, the effects began to become noticeable. There was a brightening of all colours around us, in particular anything organic. We had parked our car before eating the truffles and were sitting in it listening to music and waiting (impatiently lol). When that started to take effect …..what was outside- the trees, the grass, the clouds - became so bright and enticing and the inside of the car - the grey and the plastic seemed to dull and drab - was feeling confining in its boringness I HAD to go outside. When I actually got out it was even brighter with a slight orangey-pink tone to everything, there even seemed to be a veil of this colour as if the air itself was pink! The grass, trees and the bushes started to breath but it seemed to be in a rhythm rather than all in sync. Like music without sound.

My partner joined me at that point and we walked up towards a more remote area – this is where the people I spoke about earlier choose to live. We spoke very little, just walked along and enjoyed the vivid colours and movements of our surroundings.
I felt an energetic type of body high. No appetite, no nausea. I managed to eat something small and plain a couple times so that probably helped.
After about 2 hours I felt the effects were at their strongest. I found it difficult to maintain conversation with my partner. I believe he felt the same lol. We stopped trying to force it and wandered a little away from each other.
I found myself crouching down in the grass to look into the wooded area that was about 12-15 feet away. The darkness seemed cast and I badly wanted to be submerged in it – I can’t describe the longing to walk in there and just explore. I have always loved fantasy and my mind was tripping with possibilities! However, I didn’t go wandering alone into the darkness (hello, this is not a dangerous drug!). I think I spent about 20-30 minutes crouched there in the grass deeply thinking and staring into to darkness. I felt I was accessing thoughts that hadn’t been there since childhood – the feeling of excitement and anticipation you experience when you just let your mind be absorbed in the fantasy, whether it’s your imagination or a book. I had missed it. I loved it.
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Unfortunately we were soon disturbed and had to maintain our dignity and converse which was a buzz kill but on 7.5g at least we were able to do that. Even with the big pupils.
After that we moved on and found where the tee-pees and caravans are. THAT was a trippy experience! We saw that they were self-sufficient, they had vegetable gardens etc. It was ultra-colourful and added to the experience.
We spent about 4-5 hours wandering around and enjoying it. When we were able to drive home we did so. (Not advised :/ )
When were got home Ernie had regained his appetite with a vengeance and was frying burgers in the kitchen! I lay down on a couch in there and closed my eyes. I experienced a little bit of visuals there – neon coloured (pink, green and blue) basic shapes (circles and triangles) expanding like Slinkys. Almost like light trails in photography.

No bad after-effects – same as before! Had food, a smoke, watched a movie and bed.

I found these very difficult to eat – they are extremely unpleasant and I have a very weak stomach in general. I managed it however with the help of plenty chocolate to counteract the bitterness. I began to come up and noticed colours becoming brighter. It took about 30-40 minutes for the full effect to kick in. When it did I began to see amazing waves in my vision. I was dying to get out of the car and as soon as I could I did so. I recall moving my arms, overcome with a sensation that they were weightless and were moving independently. I enjoyed it and was able to immediately regain use of my arms and hands whenever I felt the need to do so (like when we were interrupted by rude strangers).
Myself and Mary-Jane decided that complete intersection was a no-go so we went our separate ways - just a short distance. I caught sight of a large black spider in a huge web, which was almost cocoon-like in shape; this kept me completely absorbed for at least 20 minutes. After this I felt a strong urge to shed all that was unnatural (yes, clothes, shoes etc.) however I restrained myself to just dropping my jeans and jocks to my feet lol :D I stood for about 10-15 minutes looking around but still feeling it wasn’t enough. I didn’t go into this expecting a connection with nature the way my partner did but found myself feeling it anyway! Quite intensely.

Only negative was I was wearing make-up, including red lipstick, on the day. When I saw my reflection I was unnerved. I felt as if there was a clown-like mask on my face and I HAD to remove it. Also, before this realisation hit me (that I wanted my face to be free) myself and Ernie were laughing, bent over we laughed so hard, and Ernie was very unsettled by how I looked with the make-up on also, especially when laughing. He described it as my face being just too invasive. When the make-up was completely removed, we were both happy!
This was a couple of months ago and I have enjoyed some self-picked (we know a spot!) liberty caps since.
I’m ordering more Hollandia truffles (30 grams) now in addition to an XL Thai mycelium growbox! Looking forward to them!

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