I had the most amazing trip

Hello, I recently purchased 15grams of Psilocybe Hollandia truffles and had the most amazing trip.

I ate all of the truffles with yoghurt in one dose, and went for a walk to collect some weed.
By the time I had reached my rendezvous location, I could feel the effect of the truffles beginning to dawn on me, I was walking along uncontrollably smiling at everyone and laughing about how amazing just being alive and in the moment was. My peripheral vision started shimmering at this stage also.

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I felt glad to be heading home after picking up my weed, as my legs weakened and started to feel like spaghetti, it had snowed a few days previously and the crunchy texture of the snow beneath my feet sent shivers up my ankles. It was beautiful, but very cold, and I find I'm quite sensitive to temperature when tripping. Warm summers days can feel like I'm bathing in the heat of a thousand suns, but the cold is entirely uncomfortable when high.
I got into my room, wrapped up in my patchwork duvet and smoked a large bowl on my bong, this usually starts things off in a big way, and today was not to be an exception.
As the bong started to creep I could feel a plethora of activity flowing through my entire body, I have never felt this alive, in touch with myself and my place in reality before in my life.
As I closed my eyes, I was struck with images of stars exploding and people cascading out of them like viscous liquid flowing out of unseen pores, slowly
taking form.
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The images became part of a larger rolling whole, a giant cliff that was the whole universe, with people forming out of the rock face and falling, waving to each other on the way down.
I opened my eyes and laughed to myself with joy, I didn't know my brain was capable of producing these images. I was ultimately emotionally immersed in this experience. How could I not be? I am made out of it.
I felt like there is an ultimate goal toward which everything is working, a point of ultimate connectivity at which complete physical and existential perfection will be achieved, and everything will be a part of it.
I am a biochemistry undergrad, so I tried imagining some of the concepts I had been learning recently. To think of those reactions actually occurring within my body at that moment, along with the mental images I could form whilst on the truffles was truly mind blowing. I could visualize the processes quite effectively, which made for some pretty impressive viewing! Something I struggle to do when I am sober as well. (although noted improvement)

I lay back and smoked another bong. I have a wall covered in UV posters and a UV light, so I just sat and watched the UV posters for a little while, they were quite blurred but incredibly intense to look at, my vision was swimming, but the fluorescent colours looked like holograms floating around in my vision.
My vision in general was feeling incredible at this stage. I had run through the idea of photons colliding with sensitive proteins in my eyes to create my illusion of colour, but was having some difficulty putting the full picture together, how is colour discerned from interaction between light and protein structures? I wondered about this for a while before trying to clear my mind and simply put myself in the moment.
I meditated, trying not to think with language, and was immediately hit with bejeweled fractals of the julia set type, soaring out in front of me as far as I could look. I appreciated this for a while before opening my eyes and listening to some music.

I smoked another few bowls, and after much deep contemplation and revelation I eventually went to sleep. I woke up this morning feeling amazing, just amazing. I have found new satisfaction in being. Truly a tool for betterment of self, something that should be respected and revered, and undoubtedly has many applications in modern psychotherapy.
Thank you very much to the people at Avalon Forum :) The Psilocybe Hollandia truffles surpassed all expectation :D

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